Empowered Youth Academy presents: Modern Money



Over the period of three weeks we’ll be taking 250 people on a journey into Modern Money, teaching you the skills and providing you with the tools needed for Financial Freedom. We’ll be carefully tracking your progress and assisting you along the way with 3 Digital Workshops & 2 Video Courses plus the opportunity to win prize money and rewards!


How it works:

  • Complete the registration from (Below)
  • Join us in the live Digital Workshops
  • Improve your financial understanding and position
  • Stand the chance of winning prizes & rewards
  • Use the knowledge to better your life, forever!


  • 12 Nov: Registration is open
  • 18 Nov: 16h00 to 17h30 – Online (Zoom)
  • 25 Nov: 16h00 to 17h30 – Online (Zoom)
  • 2 Dec: 16h00 to 17h30 – Online (Zoom)
  • 5 Dec: Prize-giving!


Cost: FREE for the first 250 people!
(Normal cost: R798.00 p/p)


Prizes & Awards:

  • R1,000 cash for the 5 x top participants!
  • 3 x months Empowered Youth Academy membership for the top 10 participants
  • Spot-prizes and rewards
  • All the above are chosen by the facilitator. The facilitator’s decision is final.
  • This is an exclusive opportunity available to people living in South Africa.
  • T&C’s apply


Digital Workshops:

Financial Literacy: Assisting people in making informed decisions about their personal finances & financial health of their business ventures. Examples: Financial fitness, working to your strengths, your money journey, income generation, value vs. your worth and identifying income streams.

Entrepreneurship 2.0: Focuses on small businesses (EME’s) and the financial products and services that support these business operations. Examples: Budgeting, investing & saving, borrowing, capital management, financial reporting, record keeping, management of debtors and expenses.

Welcome to the New Normal: Educating students to observe and adhere to all Covid-19 protocols (Social distancing, wearing masks, hand-sanitising, digital learning, business etc.) and exploring financial services tools that have become available due to the Covid-19 regulations.


Tasks: (Video Courses):

Show Me the Money!: Content includes: Everything You Think You Know About Money is Wrong, Getting the Money Basics Right, Your Money Journey, Saving vs. Investing, The Dark Side of Money and The Wake-Up Call

Entrepreneurship 101: Content includes: Starting-Up, Creative Ideas, Talking to Customers, the Business Model Canvas and Building a Great M.V.P.