• Create a 60 to 90 second intro-video for your business idea
  • Deadline: Midnight 31 May
  • Send it to for judges deliberation
  • We will need you to tell us (just like in Challenge #2):
  • NB: This video will NOT be shared without your consent
  • Finalists will be selected on 1 June and training will take place on 2 and 3 June at 13h00 (Recordings will be set afterwards but for your benefit, these Training Sessions should be attended LIVE)

1. Introduce yourself

2. Your Business / Idea name

3. A brief description of your business

4. What Problem are you solving?

5. What Solution are you offering / creating?

6. Who is your Target Market?

7. What is unique about your business / idea?

8. How do you plan on growing the business / idea?

9. What are your biggest challenges?

10. What are your long-term plans / goals?